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We are proud to work with our clients one on one in all aspects of hiring, whether you are looking for general labour, administrative or management positions.  


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Temporary Placements

We take the work out of screening and hiring temporary staffing. We take care of payroll and ensure that workers have the necessary skills and attitude to complete the job.

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Fulltime Placements

Are you looking for permanent work/workers but don't make the right connections? Here at Connext, we work to fill jobs quickly.   We act as an extension of the employers HR team to place full time permanent staff into any position

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Management Recruiting

The management team is a critical piece to any organization, we understand how having long vacancies adds to the teams' workload and also to the efficiencies of business. 

We recruit qualified supervisory and management staff that will add experience and integrity to the management team. 

"I had a spike in business and I needed a few temp workers asap to get our product out to market. The team at Connext was easy to deal with and was able to get the workers I needed within 24 hours."

​~ Ian


We know that finding the 'right fit' is the difference in reducing turnover and managing costs. At Connext Staffing, we get to know our people so that we can make hires that work. We have interviewed 1000's of people over the years, so you can rest assured that our pre-screening and interviewing process is diligent and results in people ready to work. 

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100's of

Filled Every Year


Job Ready Workers

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We work to find the right people for the right job. Whether you are looking for temporary, permanent or management positions, our goal is to place the Next Worker with the Next Job.


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"Can't believe you found 20 workers
for us in 3 days, Thank you "

HR Manager

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