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We've got the Solution

Have you been looking for work but haven't been able to find the right fit? 
Maybe you just want to try some different types of jobs to see where your strength
s are?


There are so many different reasons why you may not be working right now but we are ready
to help you get back to it.  Whether it is one day a week or five - CONNEXT Staffing Solutions
is your answer to your next job. 


The team at CONNEXT Staffing Solutions understands the opportunities that are out there for people and the importance of finding meaningful work as well as the next paycheck.
Find your next great job today.  


Submit your application form and resume to begin your job search today!


Day Labour 

Long-Term & Short-Term Projects 

Direct Placement

Administrative Support

Supervisory/Management Recruitment

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We know that finding a job that feels like a good fit can sometimes be a challenging journey. At Connext Staffing Solutions, we offer temporary and permanent employment options with a range of different employers. 


Your safety is the most important factor and we ensure we interview every potential employer so we know the job and skills needed. 

Jodi, Connext Associate

They got me a great position that I've been working at for 18 months.

Joey, Connext Associate

Connext helped me find a great job I that I am really enjoying. Their responses to any of my queries have been very quick and helpful. I have really enjoyed the service they have provided to me thus far.

Andrew, Connext Associate

They were so fast in getting me a job. I spoke to someone from Connext on a Monday evening and was set up to start work the following day. That was awesome! Friendly team and supportive. Thanks.
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